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Many thanks are owed.

As you may now be aware, we started a Kickstarter campaign as a litmus test to see whether we should press vinyl for our upcoming release, Ring.¬†We really wanted a vinyl release of this record, but we figured if our fans wanted it too, it would be a no-brainer. We got lots of preorders for Ring on our Kickstarter, but we also got some truly above and beyond support from a few of our biggest fans. We can’t tell you what your generosity means to us. We hope that all the goodies and incentives we promised with the Kickstarter is a start, though.

So look out for Ring, recorded at Ol Elegante and produced by Lester Nuby III, to be released on Skybucket Records on August 14th, digitally, on CD and VINYL!

Thank you times one hundred million.


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Another album is coming soon…

Last Saturday, we started tracking for another album. This time, Les Nuby (Vulture Whale, Verbena) is behind the board. So far, we’ve tracked six tunes. Already we can hear a distinctive difference in this album and the two previous albums. It’s amazing how different a band can sound, actually, just by playing in a different room. Janet will be back in the Ol Elegante studio this Saturday morning to track some vocals and guitars. During the month of November, the band will be learning a few more songs, including one called “Tilt a Whirl” and another called “Rattling From Our Cages.” By the end of the year, we’ll be finished tracking!

Cutters take a break at 8th & Rail while Janet plays a couple of solo tunes.

In other news, we’re working on a nice January trip out on the road, where we will be hitting some of our favorite towns from Texas to Florida to Georgia to Tennessee. ¬†Check back in a few weeks for details!


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