Press from Some Creatures:

“The Like The Head and the Heart and The Civil Wars, Delicate Cutters draw
inspiration from American folk forms, yet they show a wider musical and
emotional palette than many of their contemporaries."

"It is this blend of voice, complex song structures and beautiful
accompaniment that makes Some Creatures shine and Delicate Cutters a band
that could easily emerge and rise quickly on the NPR scene, which after
just one listen through you will know it would be much deserved."
-The Fire Note

“In all honesty, there are very few female vocalists I actually enjoy.
Janet Simpson has found her way onto this list...The vocals on the release
are simply beautiful as well as the instrumentals; with this release
Delicate Creatures are setting the bar.In A Word: Lovely”
-Aquarian Weekly

“The Birmingham, Alabama quartet plays a warm and interesting mix of
string-accented, folk-influenced indie-pop and rock. Lead
singer-songwriter Janet Simpson’s haunting voice and atmospheric melodies
coupled with the
album’s intimate, low-fi recording style are reminiscent of Patti Smith’s
more melancholic side.”

"Delicate Cutters have a very skilled violinist. Really! Kevin Nicholson
is a master of his craft."
-Slug Magazine

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