Delicate Cutters return in 2012 with Ring, their third album, second for Skybucket Records, due out August 14th. Not a revivalist outfit, not a gimmick band peddling an image as identity, Delicate Cutters are a band from the American South. Theirs is a music about the remarkable and mundane moments comprising a human existence. About the connective tissue found between them.

In 2011, Delicate Cutters released Some Creatures to numerous positive reviews, including a 7.8 from Paste and being named the best Alabama album for 2011 by Mod Mobilian. Over the course of two tours the lineup of Janet Simpson, Chance Shirley, Brian Moon, and Kevin Nicholson fortified the strength of their recorded body of work with a reputation for breathtaking live performances.

For Ring, Delicate Cutters opted to forgo the home studio for the first time. Recording at Ol Elegante Studio under the guidance of Lester Nuby III (Verbena, Vulture Whale, Maria Taylor) Delicate Cutters have delivered their most focused and dynamic performance to date. From the deep country haunt of Where the Cottonmouths Hung, the manic turn of Tilt-A-Whirl, to the slow burn of New Life and strung out revelations of Resurrection Fern, Delicate Cutters emerge as a band in full command of its voice and fearless in using it.

From Magnet by guest editor James Jackson Toth AKA Wooden Wand:

Toth: This won’t be out for a few months, but it’s something you should all put on your “must buy” list. DelicateCutters are a Birmingham, Ala.-based band that plays rich, lyrically solid rock music that draws from country and folk traditions without yukking it up. Head ‘Cutter Janet Simpson writes haunted, wide-eyed ballads of losing and longing, evoking alt-rock legends like Kristen Hersh, while fiddler Kevin Nicholson weaves intricate, highly individualized melodic lines around and inside her strong, compelling vocals. Ring is their latest and greatest. Highly recommended.


Selected press from Some Creatures:

“When Delicate Cutters front woman Janet Simpson sings, her warm, inviting tone pulls you into her troubled and emotional world.”

– Soma


“What really makes the Cutters fly is the complex arrangements by Simpson, who plays guitar and piano, and her other cohorts, Brian Moon (bass, accordion), Kevin Nicholson (fiddle), and Chance Shirley (percussion). The instrumental mix allows the band to color their tunes with swatches of sound not exactly common to the average indie rock ensemble. In particular, Nicholson’s fiddle can take the music in country or classical directions that work well with Simpson’s rhymes.”

– Houston Chronicle


“Avoiding flagrant confessionalism for narrative detail, Simpson can project anger or irony or uncomfortable intimacy with equal ease, but more than that, she simply projects a personality on Some Creatures, reminding you that every song derives from a single, unique perspective.”

– Paste


“In all honesty, there are very few female vocalists I actually enjoy. Janet Simpson has found her way onto this list.”

– Aquarian Weekly


“The Birmingham, Alabama quartet plays a warm and interesting mix of string-accented, folk-influenced indie-pop and rock. Lead singer-songwriter Janet Simpson’s haunting voice and atmospheric melodies coupled with the album’s intimate, low-fi recording style are reminiscent of Patti Smith’s more melancholic side.”

– Muruch


“It is this blend of voice, complex song structures and beautiful accompaniment that makes Some Creatures shine and Delicate Cutters a band that could easily emerge and rise quickly on the NPR scene, which after just one listen through you will know it would be much deserved.”

– The Fire Note


“Delicate Cutters have a very skilled violinist. Really! Kevin Nicholson is a master of his craft.”

– Slug Magazine


“The Alabama based troupe has a penchant for bearing their souls, ala the fiddlers stroke; their honesty becomes further apparent through rough-shod production, and ad-hoc imperfections.”

– 40 oz. Robot


“I had no expectations for this one, listened to it first thing yesterday morning, and it blew me out of the water. You can’t stay asleep listening to this album, you can’t stay still, and it’s likely to end up in my end of the year top 15, without competition.”

– Brand New Kind of Blog


“The title track is a supple combination of sweet melody, piano, synthesized rhythms and trans-planetary strings. It closes the album, a bittersweet coda to one of the more interesting – and intriguing – DIY records of 2011.”

– Connect Savannah


“Birmingham’s Delicate Cutters pull together expressive fiddle, lively piano, and frontwoman Janet Simpson’s gorgeous vocals into malleable indie-folk that glides gracefully between the uptempo and the melancholy. They eschew the overly mannered style favored by too many of their NPR-ready peers in favor of messy, recognizable emotion, and the music is all the better for it.”

– Little Advances


“Delicate Cutters encompasses a blend of raw folk-influenced indie pop as frontwoman Janet Simpson provides intimate lyrics filled with restrained emotion. Simpson’s vocals go seamlessly with the warm harmonies and one can’t help but just become immersed in the songs.”

– Knuckle Rumbler


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