April’s Big News

April is already a month filled with exciting news, no foolin’! First of all, we have two exciting shows coming up. The first with the lovely Driftwood Singers on Easter Sunday evening  is at Birmingham’s favorite dive, The Nick. The following weekend will find us in the midst of one of the South’s newest festivals, Southsounds Music Festival, in Mobile, Alabama. So many great bands from around the region are on the roster, so if you know anyone in the bay area or Eastern gulf coast region, make sure to tell them to find their way there! We’re scheduled for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon!

As you may know, Janet has been working for the last year and a half with one of the greatest songwriters in America, James Jackson Toth, aka Wooden Wand. She performed on the album Briarwood released in 2011, and just finished recording on another Wooden Wand album earlier this year. Having now done two tours with WW, she and James have made great friends. As a result, she sent him an early copy of the upcoming Ring. James loved it so much, he mentioned it in Magnet Magazine this week! This is a huge honor for the band to have such an endorsement.

Look for two more Wooden Wand shows with James, Janet and the entire gang from the most recent recording in May in Nashville and Louisville opening for none other than Lee Ranaldo! More details on that soon, so keep checking back!


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