Tour Recap + New News

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. We meant to recap our tour back in February, yet somehow, it’s already March! So here it is, our belated recap:

We had a great time! We especially want to mention the amazing hospitality and support we got at The Mockingbird Cafe in Tallahassee, FL, where they fed us like kings and had a full house of music lovers in attendance. Tallahassee is a great town! We can’t wait to go back. After that, we were graciously hosted by Central Square Records in Santa Rosa, FL for an in-store. The folks at Central Square did their homework and had the place packed out on a Saturday afternoon. We’ll be getting back down there for our upcoming release, for sure! We also want to mention the kindness of a few strangers – including the inimitable Mike Stinson and his amazing band and the kind folks at Rudyard’s in Houston, the crew at Lola’s in Fort Worth, James at Beauty Bar in Austin, as well as Austin bands Western Ghost House and John Wesley Coleman, and last, but certainly not least of all on this tour, the amazing crew and patrons of Maxine’s Live in Hot Springs, AR, a new favorite of Delicate Cutters! All the people and places we’ve mentioned went above and beyond call in some way, showing us real hospitality and knowing what we needed before even we did. We can’t wait to get back out there and revisit all of you.

And now, the new news. Janet is in her last day of rehearsal for tour with Fire Records artist Wooden Wand. They’ll be on their way out to SXSW starting Tuesday, March 6th, passing through Nashville, Atlanta, Huntsville, Birmingham and Shreveport en route to Texas. If you can’t make it to Austin for the annual industry debacle that is the SXSW festival, make sure to catch them on their way there or back home. Look for a complete list of tour dates HERE.

Once Janet returns home, Delicate Cutters will be getting ready for the upcoming release of their third album, Ring, slated to be unleashed this Summer. Look for videos, teasers, and more!


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