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End of the year news and a nomination…

We’ve got one weekend left of recording booked at Ol Elegante studios with Les Nuby III and we couldn’t be more excited. This session, we’ll be laying down the last four tracks on the new album, including three never-before-heard tracks! After that, we’ll be working on album artwork, photos and a video for the upcoming album.

By the by, we’re feeling extra inspired by all of our Alabama friends, musical and otherwise. We, along with some other fantastic Alabama musicians, have been nominated for both “Best Album” and “Best Song” this year on Mod Mobilian.  Check out the full list and vote HERE. In the words of our friends from This Is American Music, it’s simply too much awesome to have to choose from. What a tremendous blessing to be in a place with such a wealth of talent.

Lastly, we just want to mention that we are getting some shows together for a Southern tour in January. So far, we’ve confirmed Savannah, GA and Denton, TX, but many more are on the way! Be sure to stay tuned…


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