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The album has now been out for a month.  We’ve had some time to digest what that means for us to finally have our second release hit the streets.  Skybucket Records has done an amazing job of spreading the word for us.  We’ve had some great reviews and feel like there are folks out there who really connect with what we were trying to do with the album.

It takes a lot to put an album together and so many people go unrecognized for their hard work.  Let’s take a moment to talk about some of those people.  Our bass player, Brian Moon, is also our engineer.  Getting to record and produce your own album has its perks.  Since you aren’t paying by the hour, you can spend as much time as you like trying to find the sound you are looking for, plus you have complete creative control. On the other hand, you can also spend too much time recording, wearing out your ears and your brain and everyone else’s patience.  As a member, Brian has a keen sense of what the band is looking for in terms of sound.  He was instinctive, patient, and incredibly resourceful.  Each session, we invaded his home and took up all of his free time.  Not only did he engineer and record and help to produce the album, he also spent long, arduous hours mixing it.  No single member spent more time on this album than Brian.  For that, we owe a serious debt of gratitude.  In the end, he did a fantastic job and made an album to which we feel deeply connected.

While we are on the subject of band members putting in hard hours, drummer Chance Shirley, who just so happens to be a filmmaker in his “spare time”, has now made three music videos for the band.  One of them is released, the other two are in the editing process.  Shooting and editing the video while also starring in it is another sign of serious dedication to the efforts of this band.  Seriously, these guys need a break!

Then there are the people outside the band who are helping make all the parts move.  Of course there is Travis Morgan and the Skybucket team, who’ve been great cheerleaders for the band as well as helped manage our affairs and get our records into more hands.  But also, there is Stacey Kines Jaynes, my cousin, who found all the great pictures of our grandmother to use for the album’s cover art.  There is Joanna Holloway, who created the beautiful artwork for Some Creatures.  And there is Mike Paragone in Nashville, who mastered the album, bringing the album to a new light.

There are so many other people who helped us along the way and who continue to support us and cheer us on.  We are so grateful to have such wonderful, supportive people in our lives.





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The latest.

There’s been lots of fun stuff happening with us and our new Some Creatures album…

Give it a listen.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Some Creatures, it’s available at the Skybucket store and

If you’d like to hear the whole album before buying it, is hosting a free Some Creatures preview. You can also listen to Delicate Cutters songs on Spotify. And you can virtually spin digital Cutters tunes at

Folks in North Carolina might be able to hear us on good ol’ “terrestrial” radio, as the Cutters are in rotation on WNCW radio in Boone, Charlotte, Greenville, and Wilkesboro.

People all over the country might hear a snippet of our song “Picture of Health”–it’s being used as “bump” music on NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

Read about it.

Some Creatures was awarded a 7.8/10 in this review at The album has also received positive reviews from “The Fire Note” blog, 40 oz. Robot, and the “Brand New Kind of Photography” blog. And here’s a brief mention on someone’s Spanish-language Tumblog.

Delicate Cutters, along with several other Birmingham bands, were featured in a recent B-Metro magazine article. It’s a nice read, and the photography (by Liesa Cole) is amazing.

Speaking of photography, here’s a retro-tastic snap of Janet taken by bassist Brian Moon on a recent video shoot in Rome, Georgia…

Janet in Romega

“Be Sweet.”

You can watch the video for the Some Creatures song “Be Sweet” at Vimeo or YouTube.

And “Be Sweet” was featured as the “song of the day” on July 31.


As for the future, we’re working on a music video for our song “Warm Beer and Sympathy” and planning a short tour for the autumn. We will, of course, keep you posted.

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